Lou-i at BLICKFANG Zurich – design trade show

Next stop Zürich – Lou-i displayed its unique wooden hats at international design trade show for the second time.

The first challenge was to bring wooden caps through the customs clearance. Against all concerns it wasn’t as difficult due to a competent and friendly customs officer.

Blickfang Zurich celebrated its 20th anniversary and took place at the Kongresshaus, which boasts a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Zurich. Three floors, design lovers, maker devotees and culture enthusiasts make this Blickfang to a special trade show once again.

The design trade show had attracted 15,000 visitors, not only from Switzerland. Design people all over Europe were interested in discovering innovative labels, meeting designers in person, sampling products, trying on outfits and buying them directly on the spot.

Lou-i arrived with a brand new collection of finest fancy fabrics. The approach Lou-i was taking in Zurich was both successful and informative. The customers recognised the high quality real wood hats and didn’t shrink from the investment. And the experiences have prompted Lou-i: The limited edition will be solely available at fashion boutiques (no online sale).

Furthermore Lou-i expanded its product range up to winter hats, along the lines of “Never stop wearing Lou-i”. Not only our caps with wooden visors impress the visitors but also our new beanies – soft, light and a perfect fit – find the approval of the customers.


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